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Evangelism, Page 469

Both Men and Women Called to Bible Work

Combine Talents for a Decisive Work—When a great and decisive work is to be done, God chooses men and women to do this work, and it will feel the loss if the talents of both are not combined.—Letter 77, 1898.

Women as well as men can engage in the work of hiding the truth where it can work out and be made manifest.—Testimonies For The Church 9:128 (1909).

Some Women Adapted to Bible Work—There are women who are especially adapted for the work of giving Bible readings, and they are very successful in presenting the Word of God in its simplicity to others. They become a great blessing in reaching mothers and their daughters. This is a sacred work, and those engaged in it should receive encouragement.—Letter 108, 1910.

Colored Women Called to the Work—Of late, as the needs of this field have been pressed upon me. I have been able to sleep but little. Medical missionary work must be carried on among this [the colored] people, who must be given a training in nursing, cooking, and in other important lines of work. There are those among them who must be trained to labor as teachers, Bible workers, and canvassers.—Letter 221, 1904.

Trained Colored Men—Colored men are to be thoroughly educated and trained to give Bible readings and hold tent meetings among their own people. There are many having capability, who should be prepared for this work.—Testimonies For The Church 9:207 (1909).

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