Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 529

We must exercise tact in dealing with those who seem to be ignorant and out of the way. By persevering effort in their behalf, we must help them to become useful in the Lord's work. They will respond readily to a patient, tender, loving interest.

We are to co-operate with the Lord Jesus in restoring the inefficient and the erring to intelligence and purity. This work ranks equally in importance with the work of the gospel ministry.—Medical Ministry, 208, 209 (1905).

An Antitobacco and Temperance Message

Man has Sold His Reason—Satan is taking the world captive through the use of liquor and tobacco, tea and coffee. The God-given mind, which should be kept clear, is perverted by the use of narcotics. The brain is no longer able to distinguish correctly. The enemy has control. Man has sold his reason for that which makes him mad. He has no sense of what is right. Yet the liquor curse is legalized, and works untold ruin in the hands of those who love to tamper with that which not only ruins the poor victim but his whole family.

The curse of liquor-drinking is demonstrated by the awful murders that take place. Intemperance is widespread. How much man's senses are perverted by intoxicating drugs it is impossible to say.—Manuscript 11, 1899.

An Important Duty—Years ago we regarded the spread of the temperance principles as one of our most important duties. It should be so today.—Medical Ministry, 266 (1907).

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