Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 547

Balancing Cautions

Our Threefold Ministry—God works by means of instruments, or second causes. He uses the gospel ministry, medical missionary work, and the publications containing present truth to impress hearts. All are made effectual by means of faith. As the truth is heard or read, the Holy Spirit sends it home to those who hear and read with an earnest desire to know what is right. The gospel ministry, medical missionary work, and our publications are God's agencies. One is not to supersede the other.—Letter 54, 1903.

Attach the Word “Medical”—The work of the gospel ministry is not to decrease in efficiency, but is to increase until it becomes the great enlightening agency in our world. Everything possible should be done to send more laborers into the field. No influence should be exerted to turn young men aside from qualifying themselves for ministerial missionary work. To this we may attach the word “medical”; for it is essential that the gospel minister shall have a knowledge of disease and its causes. He should know how to give help to the sick. He should be able to teach the people how to treat the house we live in. This is a part of the gospel.—Letter 123, 1900.

Our Work as Distinctive as Muller's—God does not now lay upon His people the same work which was laid upon Muller. [George Muller, Bristol, England.] Muller did a noble work. But God has given His people a work to do after a different plan. To them He has given a message for the whole world. They are to enter territory after territory, and make aggressive warfare against soul-destroying sins.—Letter 33, 1900.

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