Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 568

the Holy Spirit will be a power for good in lifting up, strengthening, and saving the souls that are ready to perish.—Manuscript 14a, 1897.

To Keep People From Becoming Abandoned—We are to use our means and our talents of influence in proclaiming the truth that will keep people from becoming abandoned. If we will take up the work the Lord has given us to do, the truth will reach many of this class in various ways. But we are not to neglect the lines of work that the Lord has especially directed us to carry forward. All classes are to be reached.

If those who labor for the abandoned and fallen would work in the fear of the Lord, striving to make those for whom they labor understand what is truth, many of these outcasts would be distinguished as children of God.—Letter 143, 1904.

Selection of Workers for the Outcasts—Great care should be taken in working for the outcasts. Neither young men nor young women should be sent into the lowest places of our cities. The sight of the eyes and the hearing of the ears of young men and women should be kept from evil. There is much that the youth can do for the Master. If they will watch and pray and make God their trust, they will be prepared to do various kinds of excellent work under the supervision of experienced laborers.—Medical Ministry, 312 (1901).

The Stranger in Our Midst

Reaching All Nationalities, Ranks, and Creeds—Christ recognized no distinction of nationality or rank or creed. The scribes and Pharisees desired to make a local and national benefit of the gifts of heaven, and to exclude the rest of God's family in the world. But

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