Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 687

he has labored are not benefited, if he has not lifted the standard in new places, and no souls are converted by his labors, that man should humble his heart before God, and endeavor to know if he has not mistaken his calling. The wages paid by the conference should be given to those who show fruit for their labor. The work of the one who recognizes God as his efficiency, who has a true conception of the value of souls, whose heart is filled with the love of Christ, will be fruitful.—Manuscript 26, 1905.

Calls to and Transfers of the Evangelistic Worker

Moving On to Unwarned Areas—Often the inhabitants of a city where Christ labored wished Him to stay with them and continue to work among them. But He would tell them that He must go to cities that had not heard the truths that He had to present. After He had given the truth to those in one place, He left them to build upon what He had given them, while He went to another place. His methods of labor are to be followed today by those to whom He has left His work. We are to go from place to place, carrying the message. As soon as the truth has been proclaimed in one place, we are to go to warn others.—Manuscript 71, 1903.

Move Only When the Cloud Is Lifted—Do not become restless or faithless; keep the armor girded on for battle, strengthen your souls in God, and you can do valiantly. In God is our strength and efficiency.... When the cloud is lifted, and God indicates your duty to open the work in some other field, you can move understandingly. But do not now forsake the

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