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Evangelism, Page 74

to the laws of life and health. Then, again, important things sometimes transpire to call him away right in the crisis of an interest. If two are connected in labor, the work at such times need not be left alone.—Historical Sketches, 126, 127 (1886).

Advantages of United Labor—There is need of two working together; for one can encourage the other, and they can counsel, pray, and search the Bible together. In this they may get a broader light upon the truth; for one will see one phase, and the other another phase of the truth. If they are erring, they can correct one another in speech and attitude, so that the truth may not be lightly esteemed because of the defects of its advocates. If the workers are sent out alone, there is no one to see or correct their errors; but when two go together, an educating work may be carried on, and each worker become what he should be—a successful soul winner.—The Review and Herald, July 4, 1893.

Why Not Today?—Why is it that we have departed from the method of labor which was instituted by the Great Teacher? Why is it that the laborers in His cause today are not sent forth two and two? “Oh,” you say, “we have not laborers enough to occupy the field.” Then occupy less territory. Send forth the laborers into the places where the way seems to be opened, and teach the precious truth for this time. Can we not see the wisdom of having two go together to preach the gospel?—The Review and Herald, April 19, 1892.

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“Study Your Location”—Enter the large cities, and create an interest among the high and the low. Make it your work to preach the gospel to the poor, but do

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