Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 78

must work in the cities but not dwell in them.—Manuscript 85, 1899.

Lessons From Lot and Enoch—When iniquity abounds in a nation, there is always to be heard some voice giving warning and instruction, as the voice of Lot was heard in Sodom. Yet Lot could have preserved his family from many evils had he not made his home in this wicked, polluted city. All that Lot and his family did in Sodom could have been done by them, even if they had lived in a place some distance away from the city. Enoch walked with God, and yet he did not live in the midst of any city polluted with every kind of violence and wickedness, as did Lot in Sodom.—Manuscript 94, 1903.

Planning Sectional and Suburban Meetings

Large Cities—Evangelistic Meetings in Different Areas—Now is the opportune time to work the cities; for we must reach the people there. As a people we have been in danger of centering too many important interests in one place. This is not good judgment nor wisdom. An interest is now to be created in the principal cities. Many small centers must be established, rather than a few large centers....

Let missionaries be laboring two and two in different parts of all our large cities. The workers in each city should frequently meet together for counsel and prayer, that they may have wisdom and grace to work together effectively and harmoniously. Let all be wide awake to make the most of every advantage. Our people must gird the armor on and establish centers in all the large cities.—Medical Ministry, 300 (1909).

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