Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 79

Reaching the Unwarned Sections of Our Cities—There is to be an increased force of working agencies in every part of the field. Let the laborers go out two and two, that they may work together in the many parts of our cities that have been left unwarned for a long time.—Letter 8, 1910.

Every Part to Be Worked—Let a band of workers go to a city and work earnestly to proclaim the truth in every part of it. Let them counsel together as to the best way of carrying on the work in the most inexpensive manner. They are to do thorough work and are ever to keep the spiritual phase of their effort uppermost.—Manuscript 42, 1905.

Tents Repitched to Reach Various Sections of City—Much wiser generalship should be shown in the location of camp meetings; they should not be held in out-of-the-way places, for in the cities there are people who need the truth. Camp meetings are to be held in places from which the people of our large cities can be reached....

Camp meetings must be held in or near the cities, the workers at one time pitching the tent in one part of the city and the next time in another part. Right at our doors there are heathen who need to hear the warning message. In the large cities of America memorials for God are to be established.—Letter 164, 1901.

Planning for a Permanent Work

[See also pp. 321-326, “Binding Off Thoroughly.”]

Surface Plowing—A Limited Harvest—We are in danger of spreading over more territory and starting more enterprises than we can possibly attend to properly,

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