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Evangelism, Page 84

sent on its way to another place. The rounds are gone over, time and means spent, and the servants of God can see but very little accomplished through the tent season. But few are brought to acknowledge the truth, and God's servants, having seen but very little to cheer and encourage them, and call out the gift within them, lose instead of gaining in strength, spirituality, and power.—Testimonies For The Church 1:148 (1857).

Follow-Up Workers—I have been thinking of how it used to be when the loud cry of the first angel's message was given in Portland and in the city of Boston. These efforts were followed up with continuous work similar to that which you, Elder _____ and Sister _____, and your helpers are doing. This work is indeed the Lord's work.—Letter 182, 1906.

Locate Families to Hold the Interest Awakened—Then there is Toronto [Australia], a pleasure resort. These places are all within ten and twenty miles of Cooranbong, and must be entered as soon as we can find consecrated families whom we can locate there to hold the interest awakened. All these fields are white for the harvest, but we can do nothing without devoted workers, who can enter and arouse and hold an interest.—Letter 76, 1899.

A Wise Generalship Needed—Wise generalship is needed in the selection of fields of labor. Plans should be made before a field is entered, [as to] how these souls are to be cared for. Who will minister unto these who shall take hold of the truth? They have accepted an unpopular truth. Who will educate them after they have learned their ABC's? Who will give the spiritual mold to their experience?

To labor at considerable expense to bring souls into the truth and then leave them to fashion their own experience according to false ideas they have received

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