Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 9

Table of Contents

Section I The Challenge to Evangelism
Proclaiming the Message15
Ever-Widening Influence of the Gospel19
The Need of Evangelistic Workers21
Section II The Metropolitan Masses
In the Shadow of Impending Doom25
Increasing Difficulties30
The Call for a Speedy Work33
Special Opportunities for Evangelism35
Surveying the Needs of the Large Cities36
Problems Peculiar to Metropolitan Evangelism38
The Promise of an Abundant Harvest43
Section III Smaller Communities and Rural Areas
The Highways and Byways45
Rural Workers48
Section IV Planning for the Public Campaign
Patterning After the Master Evangelist53
Planning an Expanding Evangelism59
Moving Forward by Faith61
Evangelism of the Highest Type66
The Evangelist and His Team69
Advantages of Two and Two72
The Evangelistic Site74
The Outpost Centers76

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