Ellen G. White Writings

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Evangelism, Page 184

Christ and angels are in his audience as listeners. His voice should not be raised to a high key, shouting out the truth as through a trumpet; for this is more nervous power than the calm spirit and power of the Holy Ghost. Jesus, the greatest Teacher the world ever knew, was calm, earnest, and impressive in His discourses. He is our example in all things.—Letter 47, 1886.

Violent Gesticulations—The Lord calls upon you to make decided improvement in your manner of presenting the truth. You need not to be sensational. Preach the Word, as Christ, the Son of God, preached the Word. Violent gesticulations detract greatly from the impressions the truth would make upon human hearts, and lessen the force of the demonstrations of the Spirit of God. They efface the solemn impressions regarding God's Word that holy angels desire shall be made upon minds....

My brother, the Lord has given me a message for you. The gospel minister is engaged in a very solemn, sacred work. In every meeting where the Word of God is taught, angels are present, and those who conduct these meetings are to labor with such solemnity as Christ manifested in His teachings. The right mold must be placed upon every presentation of Bible truth.—Letter 366, 1906.

Christ the Center of the Message

Jesus Christ the Great Center of Attraction—The third angel's message calls for the presentation of the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, and this truth must be brought before the world; but the great Center of attraction, Jesus Christ, must not be left out of the third angel's message....

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