Ellen G. White Writings

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Fundamentals of Christian Education, Page 334

Chapter 44—Speedy Preparation for the Work

I have been much perplexed for several nights. I am troubled so that I am unable to sleep well. Things are being urged upon my attention which I must present before you.

The teachers in our schools at the Sanitarium and College at Battle Creek must be on guard constantly, lest their plans and management shall depress and quench the faith of students who have had their hearts deeply impressed by the Holy Spirit. They have heard the voice of Jesus saying, “Son, go work today in My vineyard.” They feel the need of a proper course of study, that they may be prepared to labor for the Master, and every effort should be made to hasten their advancement; but the object of their education should be kept constantly in view. Unnecessary delay should not be advised or allowed. Those persons who have engaged to help sustain the students during their course of study suffer great loss both in time and money spent unwisely. These people have manifested their earnestness and willingness to help; but they become discouraged as they see the time originally estimated as being necessary for the students to receive a fitting-up for the work, prolonged, and still the students are encouraged to take up another course of study at their expense. Years pass; and still there is urged upon the students the necessity of more education. This long-drawn-out process, adding and adding more time, more branches, is one of Satan's snares to keep laborers back.

The students themselves would not think of such a delay in entering the work, if it were not urged upon them by those who are supposed to be shepherds and guardians, and who are their teachers and physicians. If we had a thousand years before us, such a depth of knowledge would be uncalled for, although it might be much more appropriate; but now our

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