Ellen G. White Writings

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From the Heart, Page 3

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In Ephesians 4:11 the apostle Paul lists five major gifts of the Holy Spirit: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Seventh-day Adventists believe that Ellen G. White had the prophetic gift, but her life and ministry gave evidence of other gifts as well. It should be no surprise, then, that she chose not to limit the identification of her work to that of being a prophet. She once wrote, “My commission embraces the work of a prophet, but it does not end there” (Selected Messages, 1:36).

Mrs. White's writings may be classified into four general areas. First, there were her topical books, covering themes such as the great controversy story, education, health, evangelism, and other important subjects. Second, there were the published Testimonies for the Church that began in 1855 and continued until 1909, each addressing assorted topics. Third, there were letters, more than 5,000 of them. But this devotional book draws on material from the fourth area—her 5,000 articles in the various church journals. She wrote for all the major periodicals, starting with The Present Truth, then the Review and Herald and The Youth's Instructor, followed by Signs of the Times as well as other journals in North America. During her missionary service in Europe and Australia, her articles appeared regularly in publications in those places.

Throughout her prophetic service, particularly in its middle and later years, almost every week an article from her was published in one or more periodicals. These articles became her regular contact with church members. For many years they were printed on the covers of these journals. Her articles are the material of this devotional book, From the Heart.

Many of these articles were written specifically for publication. Some were transcriptions of sermons she preached. Others were notes of travel. Still others were accounts of her writing, especially of the controversy story. Some were letters. Some were drawn from her books, while others provided material for her books. That she was a prolific writer cannot be questioned. Her overall writing can easily be calculated at 100,000 pages. What a legacy to the church and the world!

Drawing on the 5,000 articles that appeared in church journals, this devotional book is evidence of the diversity of her counsel. She spoke and wrote to church leadership. She was often present when major decisions were made at General Conference sessions. She had a special burden for the ministry of the church. Her articles about Bible characters are rich with lessons for today. She also felt a deep interest in every church member. She

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