Ellen G. White Writings

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Footprints of the Pioneers, Page 15

of the Tract and Missionary Society which Haskell at first extended to the conference, then to the General Conference. 4The Review and Herald, April 29, 1890, p. 271; Rowena A. Purdon, The Story of a Church, pp. 10, 11.

Elder and Mrs. James White, hearing of the New England society, made a trip east to study Haskell’s organization. As a result James White wrote a special tract explaining and recommending it, and the idea took such general hold that at the 1874 General Conference in Battle Creek, a General Tract Society was organized for the whole field with James White as president, Stephen Haskell as business manager (which meant promoter, organizer, and caretaker), and the secretary, Maria L. Huntley, who had three or four years before come down from Washington, New Hampshire, to South Lancaster, and joined the Vigilant Missionary Society, becoming its secretary. Jennie Thayer was made her assistant. Their names stand high in the early annals of our missionary work.

The old Odd Fellows’ Hall which Haskell purchased in

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