Ellen G. White Writings

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Faith and Works, Page 11


With the continuing interest in the great vital truths of righteousness by faith, justification, and sanctification, it may be well to listen further to the messenger of the Lord as down through the years she expounded them.

To offer this picture of her teachings, eighteen readings, beginning with 1881 and extending to 1902, are here drawn together by the staff of the Ellen G. White Estate in unstructured chronological sequence. Her sermons and articles consistently outline the basic truths of salvation as embodied in the law and the gospel—those in the Review and Herald for the church and those in the Signs of the Times appropriate, as well, for the world. The several selected items are introduced by a definitive statement on file as Manuscript 36, 1890, penned in the critical period following the General Conference of 1888, when, as she elsewhere described it, people were in “great danger of taking false positions” on “faith and works” (MS 23, 1891). In her 1890 untitled manuscript, she in no uncertain terms drove in the stakes clarifying the issues.

Even though Ellen White often goes down much the same paths in dealing at different times with vital truths, valuable insights are gained by reading sermons, articles, and manuscripts in their natural sequence. Each is a balanced presentation of the subject, but often with a distinctive emphasis. Many of the readings appear in their entirety, while others, for the sake of conserving space, have been shortened to include only the portion—usually the major portion—relating to faith and works. Subheadings, and in a number of instances chapter titles, have been supplied by the compilers. No attempt has been made to be exhaustive. Her books and many other

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