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Faith and Works, Page 14

She did publish a pamphlet in 1893 entitled “Justified by Faith.” This appears in the fifty-page section of Selected Messages, book one, entitled “Christ our Righteousness.” We recommend the reading of the entire section. FW 13.4

The experience of dwelling in the warmth of the acceptance of Christ's righteousness may be enjoyed today and lost tomorrow by carelessness or presumption. It is a personal experience of simple acceptance and trust and can be somewhat fragile. It may become blurred through contention over fine theological points. Ellen White observed: FW 14.1

Many commit the error of trying to define minutely the fine points of distinction between justification and sanctification. Into the definitions of these two terms they often bring their own ideas and speculations. Why try to be more minute than is inspiration on the vital question of righteousness by faith? Why try to work out every minute point, as if the salvation of the soul depended upon all having exactly your understanding of this matter? All cannot see in the same line of vision (Manuscript 21, 1891; also in Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary 6:1072). FW 14.2

That the several approaches to the truths herein presented by the messenger of the Lord will keep the vital subject of righteousness by faith clear, balanced, and uncomplicated is the hope of the Publishers and FW 14.3

The Trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate FW 14

Washington, FW 14

December 7, 1978. FW 14

Faith and Works Study Guide. A complete chapter by chapter guide with questions to aid in your reading and understanding of the book. FW 14.4

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