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The Great Controversy 1888, Page 237

Chapter 13—In the Netherlands and Scandinavia

In the Netherlands the papal tyranny very early called forth resolute protest. Seven hundred years before Luther's time, the Roman pontiff was thus fearlessly impeached by two bishops, who, having been sent on an embassy to Rome, had learned the true character of the “holy see:” “God has made his queen and spouse, the church, a noble and everlasting provision for her family, with a dowry that is neither fading nor corruptible, and given her an eternal crown and scepter; all which benefits, you, like a thief, intercept. You set up yourself in the temple as God; instead of a shepherd, you have become as a wolf to the sheep. You would have us believe you supreme bishop; you are rather a tyrant... Whereas you ought to be a servant of servants, as you call yourself, you intrigue to become lord of lords.... You bring the commands of God into contempt.... The Holy Ghost is the builder of all churches as far as the earth extends. The city of our God, of which we are citizens, reaches to all parts of the heavens; and it is greater than the city, by the holy prophets named Babylon, which pretends to be divine, equals herself to Heaven, and boasts that her wisdom is immortal; and finally, though without reason, that she never did err, nor ever can.”

Others arose from century to century to echo this protest. And those early teachers, who, traversing different lands, and known by various names, bore the character of the Vaudois missionaries, and spread everywhere the knowledge of the gospel, penetrated to the Netherlands. Their doctrines spread rapidly. The Waldensian Bible they translated in

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