Ellen G. White Writings

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The Great Controversy 1888, Page v

Table of Contents

Chapter I Destruction of Jerusalem
The Siege and Overthrow Foretold—Glory of the Chosen City—The Triumphal Entry—The Son of God Overwhelmed with Anguish—Unbelief and Ingratitude of Israel—Jerusalem a Symbol of the World—A Twofold Prophecy—Christ Warns his Followers—Portents of Disaster—Escape of the Christians—The Siege by Titus—Famine and Suffering—The Sanctuary in Flames—The City Demolished—Slaughter and Captivity of the People—A Symbol of the Final Destruction17-38
Chapter II Persecution in the First Centuries
Paganism against Christianity—First Martyrs for the Faith—The Catacombs a Refuge—Peace Purchased by Compromise—The Leaven of Idolatry—Separation of the Faithful—Why the Gospel Occasions Strife39-48
Chapter III The Apostasy
The Rise of the Papacy Foretold—Suppression of the Scriptures—The Rites of Heathenism Adopted—The Change of God's Commandments—Establishment of Romanism—Beginning of the Dark Ages—Infallibility of the Church—The Power of the Pope—Henry IV at Canossa—The Boast of Gregory VII—Pagan and Papal Errors—The Inquisition—The World under the Rule of Rome49-60
Chapter IV The Waldenses
Christians in the Dark Ages—The Gospel in Great Britain—Columba at Iona—The Saxons Embrace Romanism—Extermination of the Primitive Church—The People of Piedmont and the Papal Power—The Protesters Flee to the Mountains—The Waldensian Bible—The Youth Trained for Trial—Missionaries in Disguise—Crusades against the Vaudois—The Bull of Extermination—Seed for the Reformation61-78

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