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The Genealogy of Ellen G. White, Page 1

The Genealogy of Ellen G. White

An Update

Table of Contents

1. Introduction1
2. About the Author of this Report2
   Ellen Gould Harmon7
   James Springer White7
      Robert Harmon9
      Eunice Gould9
      Joseph Goold/Gould11
      Lydia Lowell11
      Joseph Gould14
      Ruth Remick15
      Joseph Gould16
      Bethia(h) Furbush/Furbish16
      John Gould17
      Mary Crossman17
      Jarvis Gould18


In 1920 Ellen White’s ancestry on her father’s side was well documented with the publication of The Harmon Genealogy, by Artemas C. Harmon. In the early 1980s, in anticipation of the six-volume biography of Ellen White, to be written by Arthur White, the White Estate contracted with a professional genealogist to trace Ellen White’s lineage on her mother’s side—Eunice Gould Harmon. The results were printed in 1983 in the form of an ancestral chart reaching back five generations to John Gold, son of Jarvis and Mary Gold, who came to Massachusetts from Kent County, England, in 1635. The genealogy traced Ellen White’s direct bloodline (mother-father-child). It did not research her siblings or the siblings of those in her direct ancestry, such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

In the late 1990s questions were raised as to whether Ellen White’s genealogy might be traced to New Jersey rather than New England. Consequently, in March 2000 the White Estate engaged the professional services of a certified and independent genealogist, Roger D. Joslyn, currently President of the American Society of Genealogists. His particular areas of genealogical expertise are the northeastern states of the United States from New Jersey north to New England. Mr. Joslyn was asked to review the accuracy of the earlier genealogical report, to research the possibility that Ellen White’s ancestry traced to New Jersey, and to report on any other relevant records that may have come to light since the 1980s.

Mr. Joslyn rendered his report to the White Estate in May 2002. His conclusions parallel those of the previous genealogist hired twenty years earlier. Consequently, the White Estate’s current position regarding Ellen White’s ancestry is based on two professional genealogical studies, both of which demonstrated that Ellen White was of Anglo-Saxon origin. Since no documented evidence to the contrary has been found, the White Estate accepts the conclusion of the two genealogists that Ellen White’s ancestors came directly from England to New England in 1635.

The genealogical report submitted to the White Estate as a result of the work done by Mr. Joslyn is attached, along with his introductory explanation regarding the purpose for his study, as well as his conclusions.

Ellen G. White Estate
April 2003

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