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The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress, Page 3

Table of Contents

Preface to the 1992 Edition5
Chapter I — Introductory21
Chapter II — The Plan of Salvation Unfolded38
Chapter III — The Coming of the Promised Seed57
Chapter IV — The Time of the End77
Chapter V — The Second Advent Message93
Chapter VI — The Message and the Messengers108
Chapter VII — The Rapid Advancement of the Message126
Chapter VIII — The Marriage Supper of the Lamb134
Chapter IX — The Tarrying Time148
Chapter X — The Midnight Cry160
Chapter XI — The Second Angel’S Message171
Chapter XII — The Disappointment—The Bitter Book185
Chapter XIII — Tokens of Divine Guidance198
Chapter XIV — The Shut Door214
Chapter XV — Increasing Light and Greater Wonders235
Chapter XVI — The Third Angel’s Message247
Chapter XVII — The Truth Advanced Under Difficulties265
Chapter XVIII — Providence of God in the Publishing Work281
Chapter XIX — “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”299
Chapter XX — Sacrifices in the Early Work311
Chapter XXI — The Guiding Hand in the Work322
Chapter XXII — Organization343
Chapter XXIII — Health Institutions358
Chapter XXIV — Other Predictions Fulfilled376
Chapter XXV — Educational Institutions391
Chapter XXVI — Our Foreign Missions403
Chapter XXVII — Other Testimonies Confirmed442
Chapter XXVIII — A Door That No Man Can Shut462
Appendix A — Some Individual Experience481
Appendix B — Summary of Key Dates in Loughborough’s Life Extracted from The Great Second Advent Movement567
Appendix C — Some 1992 Observations on the Book, The Great Second Advent Movement569
Index of Appendix A573


THERE are already many useful books in the hands of the people, and my apology for adding another to the list, is that in these pages I state many things concerning Adventists, and especially Seventh-day Adventists, which have not heretofore been brought in this form before the people. Besides this, many who espoused the cause in later years, and who have not witnessed the things mentioned, have earnestly requested a narration of these facts and experiences from those earlier in the work. Having been familiar with the advent movement in 1843 and 1844, and having, since Jan. 2, 1849, proclaimed the doctrine, first as an Adventist, and since 1852 as a Seventh-day Adventist, I esteem it a pleasure to “speak the things I have seen and heard.”

I have presented a statement concerning the advent movement, which from 1831 to 1844 spread to every civilized nation of the world.

Since 1845 there have been other bodies of Adventists which have proclaimed, and still are proclaiming, the near advent of Christ. Instead of tracing all of those bodies, it has been my purpose to give, at some length, the rise and progress of the Seventh-day Adventists, calling especial attention to those agencies which, in the providence of God, have aided in developing, from poverty and small beginnings, a people of whom, although they number only about one hundred thousand, some of their opponents have said, “From the energy and zeal with which they work one would judge that there were two million of them.”

Even those who are only slightly conversant with Seventh-day Adventist history know that since 1845 Mrs. E. G. White has been prominently connected with the movement, both as a speaker and writer. They also know that connected with her work there have been peculiar exercises, or gifts. It has been my privilege to be present present and witness the operation of this gift about fifty times. In these pages I have called attention to some twenty-six definite predictions made by Mrs. White which have been most accurately fulfilled.

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