Ellen G. White Writings

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The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress, Page 524

Sister White says of those who accepted the midnight cry, “There went with it an impelling power that moved the soul. There was no doubt, no questioning.” The Spirit of Prophecy 4:250. To doubt it seemed to them was to doubt the mission of Christ, which was so definite a fulfillment of the seventieth week of the 2300 days. When the Adventists were thus aroused to earnest and constant labor, the wrath of their enemies increased in like proportion. But the Adventists seemed to be as sure that Christ would come at the end of the 2300 days as the apostles were that Christ would take the throne and expel the Roman power from Jerusalem. Had they not the mighty evidence that He was the true Messiah that was to “have the throne of David?”

The Rage and Ridicule of the Opponents

The nearer the Adventists came to the day of their expectation, Oct. 22, 1844, the greater the rage of the opponents. Let us quote a few words from Brother Southard, in his paper, the Midnight Cry. “When God’s children were met together to prostrate and humble themselves before the Lord and to prepare for His appearing, as became a company of sinner to do, who could only be saved by the grace of Christ, the wicked manifested the greatest malice. When we had given no notice of our meeting save in our own paper, nor had invited the public, the sons of Belial crowded into them, and caused much disturbance. On Saturday the 12th instant (Oct. 12) we held no meeting at the tabernacle, that the sexton might have opportunity to cleanse the house for Sabbath. But the mob broke into the house, and refused even that privilege. The mayor however, unsolicited, promptly interfered, and expelled them.

“At our meeting on the Sabbath following, after the tabernacle was filled, a dense crowd occupied the street in front of the building, many of them being enraged that any should believe in the advent of the Lord. In the evening, on account of the

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