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Gospel Workers 1915, Page 365

converts how to experience the power of the truth in their hearts. Such a mission, if conducted by those who know how to manage wisely, will be a light shining in a dark place.

Missions are essential as the foundation of missionary effort in our cities; but let it never be forgotten that those standing at the head of them are to guard every point, that all may be done to the honor of God. In these missions young men and women are to receive a training that will qualify them to work for the Master. But if they do not possess solidity of character and a spirit of consecration, all effort to fit them for the work will prove a failure. Without a high sense of propriety, of sobriety, of the sacredness of the truth and the exalted character of the work, they cannot succeed. The same is true of the older workers. Unless they are sanctified by the truth, they cannot give those under their charge an education that will elevate, ennoble, and refine them.

Our missions must be kept free from all wrong practices, all coarseness, all carelessness. Everything connected with them should be above reproach. Every one who has any part to act in them should be an example to believers. There is need that many moments be spent in secret prayer, in close communion with God. Thus only can victories be won. Every arrangement of the mission should be such as to garrison the soul against yielding to temptation. Every unholy passion must be kept under the control of sanctified reason, through the grace abundantly bestowed by God.

When a man who is counted worthy to fill a position of trust in one of our institutions or in a mission,

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