Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 291

engaged in the work, in every mission, should have a depth of experience. Those who are young in the work should have the help of such as have had an experience, and understand the manner of working. The missionary operations are constantly embarrassed for the want of workers of the right class of mind,—workers who have devotion and piety that will correctly represent our faith.

There are many who ought to become missionaries, but who never enter the field, because those who are united with them in church capacity or in our colleges do not feel the burden to labor with them, to open before them the claims of God upon all their powers, and do not pray with and for them; the eventful period which decides the course of life passes, their convictions are stifled, other influences and inducements attract them, and temptations to seek positions that will, they think, bring them financial gain, take them into the worldly current. These youth might have been saved to the cause. If our churches do their duty, God will work with their efforts by his Spirit, and will supply faithful laborers for the ministry and the missionary work.

Our schools are to be training-schools; and if men and women come forth from them, fitted in any sense for the missionary field, they must be led to realize the greatness of the work; practical godliness must be brought into their daily experience, if they would be fitted for any place of usefulness in the cause of God.

The missions established in our cities, if conducted by men who have ability to manage them, will be steady lights, shining amid the moral darkness. The opening of the Scriptures by means of Bible readings is an essential part of the work connected with these missions; but persons cannot take hold of this work successfully until they are prepared for it. Many need to be trained in school

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