Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 298

For years we have sought to impress upon our people the necessity of working more intelligently. God would have us realize constantly that those around us are the purchase of the blood of Christ, and that it depends very much upon our deportment and manner of labor whether these souls are saved or lost. GW92 297.3

Many of our ministers will have to be sharpened and polished before they can explain the Scriptures acceptably before those who are educated. The mind will reveal its own deficiencies. But if it is accustomed to dig for the truth as for hid treasures, it will soon become a treasure-house of knowledge; and more than this, the very diligence of the laborer in searching the Scriptures will develop his mind proportionately in the understanding of the word. GW92 298.1

While we are to preach the gospel to the poor and unlearned, we should not neglect to present it, in its most attractive light, to those who have ability and talent. But in order to do this, our workers must be men of intelligence. They cannot sink down to a low level, feeling that it does not matter much how they labor, or what they say. We must cherish living faith, and the Spirit of Christ must be in us, to direct our labors. Then our efforts will meet the mind of God. It is because of lack of faith and real courage in the Lord that greater efforts for the more intelligent classes have not been made before. It is not the most wealthy that I refer to; too often they have made this world their god, and it is very difficult for them to see the force of truths that would separate them from the world. Nevertheless, there are men of wealth who will accept the last message, if the right kind of labor is put forth. The Lord has made men his stewards, and has intrusted to them the means to carry forward his work. When the poor have done all they can to advance the cause, the Lord will bring in men of means to carry on the work. GW92 298.2

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