Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 308

and limited ideas be allowed to shape your methods of working in God's cause.

Do not show a spirit of littleness in deal. If one stops to haggle over a small sum, those with whom he deals will pronounce him a sharper, and will be on their guard, thinking that he means to cheat them. But if a trifle is yielded in favor of another, he will be likely to work on the same plan. Littleness begets littleness. Those who pursue this course do not see how contemptible it appears to others, and the precious cause of truth bears the stamp of their defect. We are not to imitate the world's manner of dealing, but to reveal the generous, unselfish spirit of Christ.

God gave the Israelites special directions concerning the arrangement of their camp, that all might be in perfect order. And everything connected with the tabernacle was designed to impress the people with the majesty and holiness of God, and the purity he requires of all who engage in his service. These arrangements were not merely for the benefit of Israel. God designed that the order and harmony, the exalted character of the Jewish economy, should make an impression upon surrounding nations, revealing to them something of the character of the true God, and what he desires his people to be. The same principles apply to the work at this time. Remember that with the world everything is judged by appearances. Study carefully the word of God, the instructions given to ancient Israel, and let all your arrangements be such as rightly to represent Him in whose cause you labor.—MS. [From a letter to the workers in a Foreign Mission.]

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