Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 309

Christ Our Source of Strength

In every crowd that gathered about Jesus, there were souls hungering and thirsting for light and knowledge. The truths that came from the lips of the Divine Teacher were wholly unlike the traditions and dogmas taught by the rabbis. There was a freshness, a life and vigor, in his sayings; they came home to the mind with a clearness and power that captivated his hearers. God's workers are to learn the same manner of teaching. They are to bring to men truths full of fragrance, like fresh flowers from the garden of God's word.


Never think that even when you do your best you are of yourself capable of winning souls to Christ. You must cultivate the habit of discerning a power beyond that which you can see with human vision,—a power that is constantly at work upon the hearts and minds of men. When you approach the stranger, when you stand face to face with the impenitent, with the afflicted, the soul-needy, the Lord is by your side, if you have indeed surrendered yourself to him. Through the living agent he makes the impression on the heart. Your words must not be a mere parrot-like speech, but the expression of a personal experience. If you cheer hearts with words of courage and hope, it is because the grace of Christ is to you a living reality. It is God's likeness, not your own, that is to be impressed on the heart. But if the worker has not himself been refined and transformed, he cannot present the truth with a freshness, a power, that awakens responsive feelings in those who hear the word of life.

The advocates of truth must hide in Jesus. He is their greatness, their power and efficiency. They

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