Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 355

Economy in Mission Work

We are all laborers under God; and we must work with intelligence, frugality, and humility. There are those who undertake too much, and by so doing accomplish little. Our efforts must be more concentrated. Every stroke must tell. The work in Europe, as in America, has had to begin small; but even there it can be managed so as to be largely self-sustaining. One great means by which this can be accomplished will be by the well-directed efforts of those already in the truth to bring in others who will be a strength and support to the work. A few souls brought out and fully established on the truth, will, like the first disciples, be laborers for others.

There must be a firm determination on the part of our laborers to break away from the established customs of the people whenever this is essential to the advancement of the work of God. The work might be much farther advanced in Europe if some of those who have accepted the truth were not so wedded to national habits and customs. They plead that the efforts of the ministers must be made to conform to those customs and prejudices, or nothing will be accomplished. This has had a binding influence upon the work from its beginning.

The laborers should counsel together. No one is to strike out on his independent judgment, and work according to his own mind, regardless of the counsel of those connected with him. If we think ourselves sufficient to manage the work of God, and depend for success on our own wisdom to plan and execute, we may expect defeats and losses; for they will surely come. It has been shown me that the planning of the work must not be trusted to inexperienced men. Those who have not had full breadth of

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