Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 358

Our laborers must learn to exercise economy, not only in their efforts to advance the cause of truth, but in their own home expenses. They should locate their families where they can be cared for at as little expense as possible. Donations and bequests do not come to our people as they do to other denominations; and those who have not educated themselves to live within their means, will surely have to do this now, or engage in some other employment. Habits of self-indulgence, or a want of tact and skill on the part of the wife and mother, may be a constant drain upon the treasury; and yet that mother may think she is doing her best, because she has never been taught to restrict her wants or the wants of her children, and has never acquired skill and tact in household matters. Hence one family may require for its support twice the amount that would suffice for another family of the same size.

Those who have not habits of economy should learn the lesson at once. All should learn how to keep accounts. Some neglect this work as nonessential; but this is wrong. All expenses should be accurately stated. This is something that many of our laborers will have to learn.

We should not become loose and dilatory in our habits while we are engaged in God's work. All should be prompt, wide-awake business men in his cause. The Lord is not pleased with the present lack of order and accuracy among those who do business in connection with his work. Even in the business meetings of the Conference much time could be saved, and many mistakes avoided, by a little more study and punctuality. Everything that bears any relation to the work of God should be as near perfect as human brains and hands can make it.—MS.

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