Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 361

solemn consecration to God, and of fitting preparation for his holy work.

Laborer for God, when weary and heavy laden, flee to Christ, who has promised you rest. He is the burdenbearer; he is your strength. Never allow yourself to believe that you are in yourself sufficient for the exigency of the times; never regard yourself as a graduated Christian. Your work is to discipline the mind, to store up knowledge, to perfect character while life lasts. Only thus can you be able to wage successfully the great warfare of life.

Keep the spirit humble as that of a little child. Envy, pride, worldly ambition, cupidity, and love of ease must be sacrificed upon the altar of duty. In the simplicity of love, be like those little ones whose angels do always behold the face of our heavenly Father. But unite with these virtues the courage of a tried warrior. We want faithful Calebs who will raise their voices fearlessly in defense of the right, who are the first to press into the front of the battle, and plant the banner of truth in the heart of the enemy's camp.

Jesus calls for young men who will volunteer to carry the truth to the world. Men of spiritual stamina are wanted, men who are able to find work close at hand, because they are looking for it. The church needs new men to give energy to the ranks, men for the times, able to cope with its errors, men who will inspire with fresh zeal the flagging efforts of the few laborers, men whose hearts are warm with Christian love, and whose hands are eager to go about their Master's work.

The unsearchable riches of Christ are to be presented to the world in contrast with the poverty of sin, and the delusive pleasures of the world. Only a heart brimming with the love of God, only a mind active by constant study of eternal interests, can properly set forth the beauties of the truth of God.

Those who unreservedly give themselves to this

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