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Gospel Workers 1892, Page 448

account;” [Hebrews 13:17.] and they need clear discernment, that no wrong influence may pervert their work.

Those who are convicted of sin by the Spirit of God, need the assistance of loving, kindly labor, that the work of grace may be carried forward to completion. This labor for souls is a part of the ministry that God requires of his servants; but it is a part that is sadly neglected by some. They do not realize their responsibility, nor know how to deal with souls.

Some ministers choose for their sermons subjects that will please the people and offend none. This is shunning the cross of Christ. You see one man selfish; another controlled by pride or passion; another robbing God in tithes and offerings; and another doubting and unbelieving. Do not leave these deceived ones to remain blinded by the enemy in regard to their own spiritual standing. For each of these there is a special message in the word of God. Pray for wisdom that you may be able so to present the instructions of that sacred word that all may see wherein their characters are defective, and what is required of them in order to conform to the true standard. Win their confidence and affection. Bring the truth as it is in Jesus to bear upon their hearts; for there is no other power that can keep the soul steadfast. The truth, planted in the heart by the Holy Spirit, and nourished by divine grace, is our only safeguard against Satan's devices. Thus you are labor till you can present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

This personal labor is not the most agreeable work; it involves a cross. Nevertheless, ministers have no right to shun the responsibilities laid upon them. To deal wisely and truly with souls is a work that calls for special help from God. A faithful performance of the duties assigned to his servants would drive every worker in the vineyard of the Lord to his closet in earnest intercession for divine aid. The

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