Ellen G. White Writings

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Gospel Workers 1892, Page vii

Table of Contents

The Minister
Ambassadors for Christ11
Consecration to the Work23
The Need of Preaching Christ39
Labor in New Fields47
The Spirit of Self-Sacrifice54
Bible Examples of Self-Sacrifice68
Pastoral Labor70
Faithfulness in Reproving Sin81
Compassion for the Erring91
Decision and Promptness in the Work of God96
Thoroughness in the Work98
Division of Labor100
A Personal Faith in Christ Our Greatest Need102
Meditation and Prayer106
Answers to Prayer112
The Cause of Doubts114
Danger in Cherishing Doubts118
The Importance of Bible Study121
How Shall We Search the Scriptures?125
Examination for the Ministry131
Young Ministers133
Manner of Speaking147
Danger in Overwork152
Order and Discipline155
Carefulness in Dress161
Physical Labor and Mental Activity163
Our Duty to Preserve Health172
Well-Balanced Effort176
Meeting Objections179
Discussions not to be Sought181
Engaging in Secular Business195
Proper Remuneration for Ministers200
Danger in Self-Confidence202
Respect for the Sabbath207

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