Ellen G. White Writings

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Humble Hero, Page 332

Son of God and begging Him to deliver Himself. The Savior knew that Judas felt no deep, heartbreaking grief that he had betrayed the spotless Son of God. Yet He spoke no word of condemnation. He looked at Judas with pity and said, “For this hour I came into the world.”

With amazement the assembly saw the patience of Christ toward His betrayer. This Man was more than mortal! But why did He not free Himself and defeat His accusers?

His pleadings in vain, Judas rushed from the hall exclaiming, “It is too late! It is too late!” He felt that he could not live to see Jesus crucified, and in despair he went out and hanged himself.

Later that day, the crowd that was leading Jesus to the place of crucifixion saw the body of Judas at the foot of a dead tree. His weight had broken the cord by which he had hanged himself. Dogs were now devouring his mangled body. Divine punishment seemed already to be coming on those who were guilty of the blood of Jesus.

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