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Humble Hero, Page 36

He presented Scripture upholding His practices.

At times she wavered between Jesus and His brothers, who did not believe that He was the One sent by God, but she had abundant evidence that He had a divine character. His life was like yeast working amid the elements of society. Undefiled, He walked among the thoughtless, the rude, the uncourteous, amid unjust tax collectors, reckless spenders, unrighteous Samaritans, heathen soldiers, rough peasants, and the mixed multitude. He spoke a word of sympathy as He saw people weary yet forced to carry heavy burdens. He repeated to them lessons He had learned from nature about the love and goodness of God.

He taught all to see themselves as blessed with precious talents. By His own example, He taught that we are to cherish every moment of time as a treasure and to use it for holy purposes. He passed by no human being as worthless but tried to inspire hope in the most rough and unpromising, assuring them that they could develop such a character as would make it clear to everyone that they were the children of God. Often He met those who had no power to break from Satan’s trap. To such people, discouraged, sick, tempted, and fallen, Jesus would speak words of tenderest pity.

Others He met were fighting a hand-to-hand battle with the enemy of souls. These He encouraged to keep on, for angels of God were on their side and would give them victory. Those whom He helped were convinced that here was Someone in whom they could trust with perfect confidence.

Jesus was interested in every phase of suffering, and to every sufferer He brought relief. His kind words were like a soothing ointment. No one could say that He had worked a miracle, but virtue—the healing power of love—went out from Him. So in an unobtrusive way, He worked for people, starting in His very childhood.

Yet through childhood, youth, and manhood, Jesus walked alone. There was no one like Him in such purity and faithfulness. See Isaiah 63:3. He knew that unless there was a decided change in the principles and purposes of the human race, all would be lost. Filled with intense commitment, He carried out the plan for His life that He Himself would be the Light of all humanity.

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