Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 126

1. It is extravagant and unnecessary to have a dress of such length that it will sweep the sidewalk and street.

2. A dress thus long gathers dew from the grass and mud from the streets, and is therefore uncleanly.

3. In its bedraggled condition it comes in contact with the sensitive ankles, which are not sufficiently protected, quickly chilling them, and thus endangering health and life. This is one of the greatest causes of catarrh and scrofulous swellings.

4. The unnecessary length is an additional weight upon the hips and bowels.

5. It hinders the walking, and is also often in other people's way.—Testimonies for the Church 1:459.

If women would wear their dresses so as to clear the filth of the street an inch or two, their dresses would be modest, and they could be kept clean much more easily, and would wear longer.—Testimonies for the Church 1:458.

Too Much Clothing

554. You have worn too great an amount of clothing, and have debilitated the skin by so doing. You have not given your body a chance to breathe. The pores of the skin, or little mouths through which the body breathes, have become closed, and the system has been filled with impurities.—Testimonies for the Church 3:74.

555. I advise invalid sisters who have accustomed themselves to too great an amount of clothing, to lay it off gradually.—Testimonies for the Church 2:533.

556. Disease of every type is brought upon the body through the unhealthful, fashionable style of dress; and the fact should be made prominent that a reform must take place before treatment will effect a cure.—Testimonies for the Church 4:582.

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