Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 137

become an educator, teaching others the art of doing work intelligently.... The Lord wants the physical strength; and you can reveal your love for him by the right use of your physical powers, doing the very work which needs to be done.... There is science in the humblest kind of work, and if all would thus regard it, they would see nobility in labor.... Let the educated ability be employed in devising improved methods of work. This is just what the Lord wants. There is honor in any class of work that is essential to be done. Let the law of God be made the standard of action, and it ennobles and sanctifies all labor.... We are not to be dwarfed in any kind of service for God. Whatever he has lent us is to be used intelligently for him. The man who exercises his faculties will surely strengthen them; but he must seek to do his best. There is need of intelligence and educated ability to devise the best methods in farming, in building, and in every other department, that the worker may not labor in vain.—Special Instruction on Educational Work 5.

608. Your means could not be used to better advantage than in providing a workshop furnished with tools for your boys, and equal facilities for your girls. They can be taught to love labor.—The Health Reformer, January 1, 1873.

609. Agriculture will open resources for self-support, and various other trades also could be learned. This real, earnest work calls for a strength of intellect as well as of muscle. Method and tact are required even to raise fruits and vegetables successfully. And habits of industry will be found an

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