Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 18

of nature; but his laws are not arbitrary exactions. Every “Thou shalt not,” whether in physical or moral law, contains or implies a promise. If it is obeyed, blessings will attend our steps; if it is disobeyed, the result is danger and unhappiness.—Testimonies For The Church 5:444.2.

39. Health, strength, and happiness depend upon immutable laws; but these laws cannot be obeyed where there is no anxiety to become acquainted with them.—The Health Reformer, September 1, 1871.

40. A knowledge of the laws by which health is secured and preserved is of pre-eminent importance.—Signs of the Times, August 26, 1886.

41. Indifference and ignorance in regard to the laws which govern our being are sins so common that we have learned to look upon them with undue tolerance.—The Health Reformer, February 1, 1877.

42. We have no right wantonly to violate a single principle of the laws of health.—The Review and Herald, July 29, 1884.

43. God is greatly dishonored by the way in which man treats his organism, and he will not work a miracle to counteract a perverse violation of the laws of life and health.—Unpublished Testimonies, August 30, 1896.

44. The Lord has made it a part of his plan that man's reaping shall be according to his sowing.—Unpublished Testimonies, May 19, 1897.


45. Wherever the habits of the parents are contrary to physical law, the injury done to themselves will be repeated in future generations.—Unpublished Testimonies, January 11, 1897.

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