Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 206

Chapter 30—Auto-Intoxication, or Self-Poisoning

886. The more active the circulation, the more free will be the blood from obstructions and impurities.—The Health Reformer, May 1, 1873.

Toxins Generated

887. Impurities are constantly and imperceptibly passing from the body through the pores, and if the skin is not kept in a healthy condition, the system is burdened with impure matter. If the garments worn are not frequently cleansed from these impurities, the pores of the skin absorb again the waste matter thrown off. The impurities of the body, if not allowed to escape, are taken back into the blood, and forced upon the internal organs. Nature, to relieve herself of poisonous impurities, makes an effort to free the system, which effort produces fevers and what is termed disease.—How to Live, 60.

888. Many families suffer with sore throat, and lung diseases, and liver complaints, brought upon them by their own course of action.... They keep their windows and doors closed, fearing they will take cold if there is a crevice open to let in the air. They breathe the same air over and over until it becomes impregnated with the poisonous impurities and waste matter thrown off from their bodies through the lungs and the pores

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