Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 224

Chapter 34—Rational Remedies for Disease

Efforts of Nature to Resist Disease

951. Nature alone possesses restorative powers. She alone can build up her exhausted energies, and repair the injuries she has received by inattention to her fixed laws.—How to Live, 57.

952. Nature alone is the effectual restorer.—How to Live, 60.

953. Nature, to relieve herself of poisonous impurities, makes an effort to free the system, which effort produces fevers, and what is termed disease.—How to Live, 60.

954. Nature bears abuse as long as she can without resisting, then she arouses, and makes a mighty effort to rid herself of the incumbrances and evil treatment she has suffered. Then come headache, chills, fevers, nervousness, paralysis, and other evils too numerous to mention.—Testimonies for the Church 2:69.

955. Nature is loath to give up her hold on life. She is unwilling to cease her struggle.—How to Live, 63.

956. Give nature a chance, and she will rally and again perform her part nobly and well.—Testimonies for the Church 1:549.

957. Nature was doing her best to rid the system of an accumulation of impurities, and could she have been left to herself, aided by the common

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