Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 237

there are not sins which need to be repented of, confessed, and forsaken. Deep humility of soul before God is necessary, and firm, humble reliance upon the blood of Christ alone. Fasting and prayer will accomplish nothing while the heart is estranged from God by a wrong course of action.—Testimonies for the Church 2:146. HL 236.3

1018. If we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us.... When we come to him, we should pray that we may enter into and accomplish his purpose, and that our desires and interests may be lost in his.—Testimonies for the Church 2:148. HL 237.1

1019. What word has God for those who ignore the light that is shining abroad, and then ask to be prayed for that they may be sanctified and healed?—The same word that he had for Cain: “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.”—Unpublished Testimonies, August 25, 1897. HL 237.2


1020. Some, if they should regain their health, would indulge in some heedless transgression of nature's laws.—Unpublished Testimonies. HL 237.3

1021. We should first find out if the sick one has been withholding tithes or has made trouble in the church.—Unpublished Testimonies. HL 237.4

1022. There are very many more than we imagine that are sick mentally.... A sore, sick heart, a discouraged mind, needs mild treatment, and it is through tender sympathy that this class of minds can be directed to the Burden-Bearer, and if they can have faith that he will have an interest in them, the cure HL 237.5

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