Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 249

Chapter 37—The Missionary Nurse

Need of Nurses

1060. In almost every church there are young men and women who might receive an education either as physicians or nurses. They will never have a more favorable opportunity than now. I would urge that this subject be considered prayerfully, that special effort be made to select those youth who give promise of usefulness and moral strength. Let these receive an education at our Sanitarium at Battle Creek, to go out as missionaries wherever the Lord may call them to labor.—The Medical Missionary, 216.

Qualifications of Nurses

1061. I could wish that there were one hundred nurses in training where there is one. It ought to be thus. Both men and women can be much more useful as medical missionaries than as missionaries without a medical education.—The Medical Missionary, 215.

1062. Attendants should be cheerful and hopeful.—How to Live, 54.

1063. The attendants should be unhurried, calm, and self-possessed.—How to Live, 59.

1064. The mother may be an intelligent nurse and physician of her own dear children. It is her right to have an understanding of her own and her children's organisms, that she may know how to treat her children in sickness.—The Health Reformer, June 1, 1873.

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