Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 275

children, may be a blessing to others, by revealing what the truth has done for them. God will use the most feeble instruments if they are wholly submitted to him. He can work through them to reach souls to whom the minister could not obtain access. There are the highways and byways to be searched. With your Bible in your hand, with your heart warm and glowing with the love of God, you may go out and tell others your experience; you may make known to them the truth that has impressed your heart, praying with faith that God will make your efforts successful in their salvation. Communicate light, and you will have more light to communicate. Thus you may become laborers together with God.—The Review and Herald, January 12, 1897.

1152. No verbal description could reveal God to the world. Our Saviour employed human faculties, for only by adopting these could he be comprehended by humanity. Only humanity could reach humanity. He lived out the character of God through the human body which God had prepared for him.... If our people would administer to other souls who need their help, they would themselves be ministered unto by the chief Shepherd, and thousands would be rejoicing in the fold who are now wandering in the desert. Let every soul go to work to seek and to save the lost, ... visiting the dark places of the earth where there are no churches.—The Review and Herald, June 25, 1895.

1153. In the path which the poor, the neglected, the suffering, and the sorrowing must tread, Christ walked while on earth, taking upon him all the woes

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