Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 279

have visited the sick and relieved the necessities of the afflicted.—Testimonies for the Church 4:225.

Our Duty to Orphans and the Aged

1164. There are multitudes of poor children who need care and protection. There are multitudes of aged people who are dependent upon others for the necessities of life. The Lord has not designed that these sufferers should be neglected.—The Review and Herald, March 17, 1896.

1165. Let the condition of helpless little ones appeal to every mother's heart, that she may put into exercise a mother's love for homeless orphan children. Their helplessness appeals to every God-given attribute in human nature.—The Medical Missionary, 321.

1166. Do we expect that those who are lost will be faultless? If you would do something to be approved of Heaven, take a child who needs help, who needs forbearance, and the grace of Christ. We choose associates because we think they will benefit us; but Christ sought association with those whom he could benefit.—The Signs of the Times, April 1, 1889.

Blessing to Christian Helpers

1167. Our happiness will be proportionate to our unselfish works, prompted by divine love; for in the plan of salvation God has appointed the law of action and reaction, making the work of beneficence in all its branches twice blessed.—The Signs of the Times, November 25, 1886.

1168. No one can give place in his own heart and life for the stream of God's blessing to flow to others, without receiving in himself a rich reward.—Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, 112.

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