Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 4

has inspired confidence in them as a source of important truths, will appreciate this volume as a ready reference book in which can be easily found, by the aid of the table of contents and the index, a larger number of seed thoughts and clear expressions of fundamental principles upon the subjects treated than in any other volume of similar size which has ever appeared in print. To save space, abbreviations have been employed in the place of the titles of well-known works. These are explained on page 8.

Preface to the Third Edition

Although but a few months have elapsed since the first edition of this work was issued, a third edition is already demanded. The interest in the unique subject-matter presented is most gratifying to both compiler and publishers. Wherever it has been received, the work has been recognized as a veritable storehouse of seed thoughts relating to the great practical themes with which it deals. This edition contains two additional chapters, “God in Nature” and “The Spirit Filled Life,” and also an appendix of parallel scripture references, which will be found exceedingly helpful in making clear to the mind of the reader the fact that the principles presented in this work are not mere human inventions, but are a part of the divine order appointed for the human family at the beginning, and which is to be restored when all things shall be made new. It may be added that the compiler has carefully revised the entire work, making slight emendations and additions here and there in nearly every chapter, but, as before, without change in the original text from which the compilation has been made.

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