Ellen G. White Writings

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Healthful Living, Page 95

be cut off from among his people.”—Unpublished Testimonies, March, 1896.

428. You should keep grease out of your food. It defiles any preparation of food you may make.—Testimonies for the Church 2:63.

429. Grease cooked in the food renders it difficult of digestion.—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 47.

430. Some fall into the error that because they discard meat, they have no need to supply its place with the best fruits and vegetables, prepared in their most natural state, free from grease and spices.—Testimonies for the Church 2:486.

431. Butter and meat stimulate. They have injured the stomach and perverted the taste.—Testimonies for the Church 2:486.

432. You place upon your tables butter, eggs, and meat, and your children partake of them. They are fed with the very things that will excite their animal passions, and then you come to meeting and ask God to bless and save your children.—Testimonies for the Church 2:362.

Saleratus and Soda

433. Saleratus in any form should not be introduced into the stomach; for the effect is fearful. It eats the coatings of the stomach, causes inflammation, and frequently poisons the entire system.—Testimonies for the Church 2:537.

434. Hot soda biscuit are often spread with butter, and eaten as a choice diet; but the feeble digestive organs cannot but feel the abuse placed upon them.—Unpublished Testimonies, November 5, 1896.

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