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From Heaven With Love, Page 41

Source of wisdom. That which was regarded as “superior” education was the greatest hindrance to real development of the youth. Their minds became cramped and narrow.

The child Jesus did not receive instruction in the synagogue schools. From His mother and the scrolls of the prophets He learned of heavenly things. As He advanced to youth, He did not seek the schools of the rabbis. He needed not the education to be obtained from such sources. His intimate acquaintance with the Scriptures shows how diligently His early years were given to the study of God's Word.

Nature Supplemented the Bible

Spread out before Him was the great library of God's created works. He who had made all things studied the lessons His own hand had written in earth and sea and sky. He gathered stores of scientific knowledge from nature—from plants, animals, and man. The parables by which He loved to teach lessons of truth show how He gathered spiritual teaching from nature and the surroundings of His daily life.

As Jesus was trying to understand the reason of things, heavenly beings were His attendants. From the first dawning of intelligence He was constantly growing in spiritual grace and knowledge of truth.

Every child may gain knowledge as Jesus did. As we try to become acquainted with our heavenly Father, angels will draw near, our minds will be strengthened, our characters elevated and refined. We shall become more like our Saviour. And as we behold the beautiful and grand in nature, our affections go out after God. The spirit is awed, the soul invigorated by coming in contact with the Infinite through His works. Communion with God through prayer develops the mental and moral faculties.

While Jesus was a child, He thought and spoke as a child, but no trace of sin marred the image of God within Him. Yet He was not exempt from temptation.

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