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From Heaven With Love, Page 124

Chapter 20—“Except Ye See Signs and Wonders”

This chapter is based on John 4:43-54.

The Galileans who returned from the Passover brought back the report of the wonderful works of Jesus. Many of the people lamented the abuse of the temple, and the greed and arrogance of the priests. They hoped that this Man, who had put the rulers to flight, might be the looked-for Deliverer. It was reported that the prophet had declared Himself to be the Messiah.

The news of Christ's return to Cana soon spread throughout Galilee. In Capernaum the tidings attracted the attention of a Jewish nobleman who was an officer in the king's service. A son of the officer was suffering from what seemed to be an incurable disease. When the father heard of Jesus, he determined to seek help from Him. He hoped that a father's prayers might awaken the sympathy of the Great Physician.

On reaching Cana he pressed through a throng to the Saviour's presence. His faith faltered when he saw only a plainly dressed man, dusty and worn with travel. Yet he secured an interview with Jesus, told his errand, and besought the Saviour to accompany him to his home.

Jesus knew that the father had, in his own mind, made conditions concerning his belief in Him. Unless his petition should be granted, he would not receive Him as the Messiah. While the officer waited in an agony of suspense, Jesus said, “Unless ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.”

The Saviour contrasted the petitioner's questioning unbelief with the simple faith of the Samaritans, who

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