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From Heaven With Love, Page 213

Chapter 33—How Jesus Related to Family Problems

This chapter is based on Matthew 12:22-50; Mark 3:20-35.

The sons of Joseph were far from being in sympathy with Jesus in His work. The reports in regard to His life and labors filled them with dismay. They heard that He devoted entire nights to prayer, that through the day He was thronged by people, and did not even take time to eat. His friends felt He was wearing Himself out; they were unable to account for His attitude toward the Pharisees; and some feared that His reason was becoming unsettled.

His brothers felt keenly the reproach that came upon them through their relation to Jesus. They were indignant at His denunciation of the Pharisees. He must be persuaded to cease this manner of labor, and they induced Mary to unite with them, thinking that through His love for her they might prevail on Him to be more prudent.

The Pharisees had reiterated the charge, “He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.” Matthew 9:34. Christ told them that those who spoke against Himself, not discerning His divine character, might receive forgiveness; through the Holy Spirit they might see their error and repent. But he who rejects the work of the Holy Spirit is placing himself where repentance cannot come to him. When men willfully reject the Spirit, and declare it to be from Satan, they cut off the channel by which God can communicate with them.

The Pharisees did not themselves believe the charge they brought against Jesus. Those dignitaries had

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