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From Heaven With Love, Page 249

Chapter 40—A Night on the Lake

This chapter is based on Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:14-21.

Seated on the grassy plain in the twilight of the spring evening, the people ate the food Christ provided. The miracle of the loaves appealed to everyone in that vast multitude. God had fed Israel with manna in the desert, and who was this that had fed them that day but He whom Moses had foretold? They said one to another, “This is of a truth the Prophet that should come into the world.”

That crowning act was assurance that the long-looked-for Deliverer was among them. This was He who would make Judea an earthly paradise, a land flowing with milk and honey. He could break the power of the hated Romans. He could heal the soldiers wounded in battle. He could supply whole armies with food. He could give to Israel the long-sought dominion!

The people were ready at once to crown Him king. They saw that He made no effort to secure honor to Himself, and they feared He would never urge His claim to David's throne. Consulting together, they agreed to take Him by force and proclaim Him the king of Israel. The disciples united with the multitude in declaring the throne of David the rightful inheritance of their Master. Let the arrogant priests and rulers be forced to honor Him who came clothed with the authority of God.

But Jesus saw what was on foot. Violence and insurrection would follow, and the work of the spiritual kingdom would be hindered. Without delay the movement

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