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From Heaven With Love, Page 288

Chapter 47—A Battle With Satan's Spirits

This chapter is based on Matthew 17:19-21; Mark 9:9-29; Luke 9:37-45.

As the sun arose, Jesus and His disciples descended to the plain. Absorbed in thought, the disciples were awed and silent. Gladly they would have lingered in that holy place, but there was work to be done.

At the foot of the mountain a large company had gathered. As the Saviour drew near, He charged His three companions to keep silence concerning what they had witnessed, saying, “Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.” To relate the revelation to the multitudes would excite only ridicule or idle wonder. How slow of comprehension even the three favored disciples were, is seen in that they queried among themselves what the rising from the dead should mean. Yet they asked no explanation from Jesus.

As the people on the plain caught sight of Jesus, they ran to greet Him. Yet His quick eye discerned that a circumstance had occurred that had caused the disciples bitter disappointment and humiliation. A father had brought his son to be delivered from a dumb spirit that tormented him. Authority to cast out unclean spirits had been conferred on the disciples when Jesus sent them to preach through Galilee. As they went forth strong in faith, the evil spirits had obeyed their word. Now in the name of Christ they commanded the torturing spirit to leave his victim, but the demon only mocked them. The disciples, unable to account for their defeat, felt they were bringing dishonor on themselves and their Master. And in the crowd were scribes

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