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From Heaven With Love, Page 444

need to be quickened to lay hold of the mystery of godliness, to comprehend, far more than we do, the expiatory sufferings of Christ.

Our Lord has said, “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you... . For My flesh is meat indeed, and My blood is drink indeed.” John 6:53-55. To the death of Christ we owe even this earthly life. The bread we eat is the purchase of His broken body; the water we drink, of His spilled blood. Never one, saint or sinner, eats his daily food, but he is nourished by the body and blood of Christ. The cross of Calvary is stamped on every loaf; it is reflected in every water spring. The light shining from that Communion service makes sacred the provisions for our daily life. The family board becomes as the table of the Lord, and every meal a sacrament.

Of our spiritual nature Jesus declares, “Whoso eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, hath eternal life.” By receiving His word, by doing those things which He has commanded, we become one with Him. “He that eateth My flesh,” He says, “and drinketh My blood, dwelleth in Me, and I in him. As the living Father hath sent Me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth Me, even he shall live by Me.” John 6:54, 56, 57. As faith contemplates our Lord's great sacrifice, the soul assimilates the spiritual life of Christ. Every Communion service forms a living connection by which the believer is bound up with Christ, and thus with the Father.

As we receive the bread and wine symbolizing Christ's broken body and spilled blood, we in imagination witness the struggle by which our reconciliation with God was obtained. Christ is set forth crucified among us. The thought of Calvary awakens living and sacred emotions in our hearts. Pride and self-worship cannot flourish in the soul that keeps fresh in memory the scenes of Calvary. He who beholds the Saviour's matchless love will be transformed in character. He will go forth to be a light to the world, to reflect in some degree this mysterious love.

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